Assess Candidates Using Best Practice Pre-Employment Assessment

As chartered scientists and psychologists with decades of experience in developing assessments, Assess Candidates value accurate and efficient assessment. Our service uses best practice assessment standards in evaluating potential of candidates at all levels, from graduates to professionals. Best practice means to ensure appropriate tools are used, robust results are collated, and that applicants are engaged. Through effective practices that underpin each project, our partners can identify the most suitable candidates to progress to the next application stages, and who will thrive in their future role at your company. Our approach in achieving best practice in candidate assessment focusses around three areas: true performance, scientific understanding, and candidate experience. The best way to understand if a candidate will thrive in their future role is honing these three key areas in all components of the assessment process.

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True Performance

The purpose of taking an assessment is to better understand the future potential of a candidate to succeed in your company and team. This is not a one-dimensional task in which technical ability alone for example is sufficient for this task. Rather, it involves collating a web of information in an efficient way. The key areas that create this true picture of a candidate include their personal inclinations to working life, how they resolve work-life situations, and finally their fundamental skills that facilitate them to deliver. When analysing a project, we always consider how best to measure this range of the candidates’ faculties, based on our clients’ requirements.

Scientific Understanding

Of course, gauging the suitable process for candidates to undertake in identifying true potential would be impossible without the scientific understanding to both develop and advise on assessment. Our team have decades of experience in robust test development, including for Fortune 500 companies and test publishers globally. As such, when deploying an assessment, we ensure that each assessment is grounded in research carried out by our chartered scientists and psychologists or documented scientific research.

Candidate Experience

To tie this all together, we also highly consider the importance of candidate experience. We work closely with our partners to understand the needs of their target candidate, as well as those who consider themselves to require reasonable adjustments. Achieving great candidate experience is a two-pronged process. Firstly, our assessments are designed with feedback we have received in mind, industry standard accessibility features, and features that make for better candidate experience. Secondly, our great candidate experience lies in the pride we place in customer service. We are proactive in our communications, and effectively offer 24/7 support which gives peace of mind to applicants and our partners during what can be a more stressful period.

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