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Our team of Chartered Scientists and Psychologists ensure we have the most fair and robust pre-employment tests available today.

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Experience groundbreaking and immersive assessments embedded in A.I. technology and established neuroscience.

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Easy to use HR & Line manager dashboards and reports that leave little room for subjective interpretations. Download, re-order, or sift-out.

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Engaging pre recruitment tests delivered on a fully branded portal for a seamless experience. Short in length, face-valid depictions and matched on ability to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

Engaging psychometrics to help you hire high-performing candidates

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Our chartered scientists, psychologists and professionals are recruitment assessment experts with decades of experience developing pre-employment assessment solutions for thousands of employers worldwide.


Our team of Chartered Scientists and Psychologists ensure we have the most fair and robust psychometric tests in recruitment available today.


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Thousands of employers around the world are using aptitude tests to hire
the best talent. Use our resources to gain insights into how psychometric
assessments can help with your hiring decisions.



Discover the most widely used pre-employment tools used to hire

Game based Assessments

Assess your candidates on a variety of behavioral and cognitive traits with our science-backed interactive game-based assessments.

  • First FeatureVaries by game
  • First Feature3-6 minutes
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Assess candidates on their cognitive reasoning ability with a variety of psychometric tests designed to find the strongest performing candidates.

  • First Feature14+ questions
  • First Feature3-30 minutes
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Personality Questionnaire

Learn more about candidates’ personality traits and work-style preferences to predict whether they align with your role and organization.

  • First Feature90 questions
  • First FeatureUntimed
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Video Interviews

Assess candidates’ competencies, skills, and experience against your hiring criteria as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • First Feature9-10 questions
  • First Feature18+ minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pre-employment assessments important in recruitment?

Pre-employment assessments provide an accurate insight into your candidates’ abilities that are required for the role. This can be used to filter down to the best candidates efficiently and effectively, but also can help predict the candidate’s performance in the role.

What are the three most common types of pre employment testing?

The three most commonly used pre-employment assessments used by recruiters are cognitive ability tests, personality questionnaires and behavioral or skills assessments. These tests provide practical data on candidates that is useful for making accurate hiring decisions.

Why should I use Assess Candidates to hire?

At Assess Candidates, our team of chartered scientists and psychologists have meticulously crafted a wide range of pre-employment assessments to ensure you make accurate and reliable hiring decisions to hire the best candidates for your company.

How to use Assess Candidates to hire the best candidates for me?

Get the most out of Assess Candidates with our tailored pre-employment assessments to fit your companies’ unique needs. Use our portal to obtain data-focused insights into the best candidates that align with your business to build a stronger, more adaptable workforce.

How long does it take to administer Assess Candidate pre-employment tests to candidates?

Assess Candidates’ pre-employment tests are administered to candidates automatically to immediately begin or can be customized in the project to distribute at specific times for a more cohesive assessment experience.

Are Assess Candidates’ tests accessible for candidates with disabilities or special accommodations?

Each Assess Candidates pre-employment assessment provides recruiters with functionalities for candidates who need added time, have visual disabilities, and/or suffer from color blindness as part of our goal to contribute to a more equitable assessment environment.

Can employers track candidate progress and results through the Assess Candidates platform?

Easily track your candidates’ progress using the seamless Assess Candidates portal. Rank and filter by the best candidates in your project or utilize the full individual candidate report to analyze the candidate’s performance against a target comparison group.

What is the process for integrating Assess Candidates tests into the hiring process?

Our Assess Candidates platform seamlessly integrates with your existing recruitment processes to provide a user-friendly and insightful experience. Our platform can easily be integrated into your workflow to streamline your recruitment process.

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