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Hire best-fit top talent using science-backed recruitment tests. View plans


Our platform and pre-employment assessments:

  • Fully branded for your company: upload your logo, brand themes, and colors to build a portal that candidates associate with your brand
  • Include custom pre-screening questions
  • Include custom email messaging for invitation and pass/fail emails
  • Customized URL to contain your domain name
  • Customization of the platform itself, such as a language change
  • Semi-bespoke or fully-bespoke assessments
  • Designed, developed and scientifically validated by former SHL and IBM Kenexa Chartered Psychologists, Scientists and Psychometricians
  • Benchmarked scores based on large control groups for standardized and valid comparisons
  • Inclusive, fair, without bias
  • Include accessibility support for disabilities and reasonable adjustments, such as additional time
  • Include anti-cheating measures
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fully compliant with current industry practices


The Assess Candidates platform offers:

1End-to-end hiring solution

  • Access our full assessment library with scientifically-validated:
    • technical ability tests for your initial sifting stage
    • behavioral competency tests for early-stage recruitment
    • personality tests for your pre-interview stage
    • game-based assessments to supplement and enhance the assessment process
    • one-way video interviews for your first-interview stage
    • assessment centre exercises for your final recruitment stage
  • Keep your assessments and hiring tools all in one place

2Fast, seamless hiring process

  • Our platform software automates and streamlines your recruitment process
    • save time by adding high-quality tests and inviting thousands of candidates in minutes
    • instantaneously view candidate results and rankings in one click
    • quickly and efficiently filter automatically ranked candidates by completion status, assessments taken, confidence score, and more, to sift and select your top talent
    • reduce your workload with automated administrative tasks, such as campaign deadlines and candidate emails
  • Integrate our platform with your API system for seamless hiring
  • Expert support on demand to resolve all questions or challenges as effectively as possible

3User-friendly experience for you and candidates

  • Simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate software so anyone can set up and launch an assessment campaign no matter their technological skills
  • Choose pre-built assessments or work with us to create custom assessments for your role and organization
  • Invite candidates through the channel that suits you best:
    • email
    • CSV file upload
    • public link
  • Candidates do not need an account to access the user-friendly interface and take your branded assessments, ensuring a positive and seamless candidate experience

Assess Candidates Platform Use Cases

Most suitable for:

  • Early-stage sifting and initial evaluation
  • Routine selection
  • Pre-interview shortlisting
  • Final evaluation and selection between top candidates

Type of Recruitment:

  • High-volume recruitment and testing
  • Medium-volume recruitment and testing
  • In-person or virtual assessment
  • Proactive hiring: creation of talent pools of pre-screened candidates
  • Internal promotion opportunities and individual development

Tips when using the
Assess Candidates Pre-Hire Platform

Get the most out of our candidate assessment platform for hiring:

  • In your recruitment process, use a combination of different assessments to ensure you cover the three principal areas of pre-employment testing:
  • Combining assessments from these areas provides a holistic well-rounded view of candidates and predicts their on-the-job performance
  • Leverage our anti-cheating measures to have greater confidence in candidate results:
    • cheat detection technology captures certain candidate behaviors during assessment
    • an overall candidate confidence score indicates how confident you can be that a candidate did not cheat
    • filter candidates based on their confidence score
  • Use our filtering and sorting tools to quickly sift and select top candidates from thousands of applicants or access individual candidate reports to analyze data and performance in depth
  • Ensure fully-informed, objective hiring decisions

Shortlist best-fit candidates in 3 simple steps:

First Feature


Set up your campaign in 4 fast, seamless steps with the assessments and pre-screen questions relevant for you.
First Feature

2 Assess candidates

Invite candidates to take tests on our accessible, easy-to-use platform via email, CSV file upload or public link.
First Feature

3 Select Candidates

Filter automatically ranked candidates by a range of factors to select and hire your best-fit top talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize the Assess Candidates platform for my organization?

All Assess Candidates clients are able to fully brand your platform and candidate emails with your company logo, brand themes, and colors to ensure association with your brand. All clients can also create custom messaging when inviting candidates via email. For our ‘Unlimited Use 12-months’ and ‘Corporate’ plans, we offer further platform customization, please contact us to discuss.

How can I customize Assess Candidates pre-employment assessments for the role and my organization?

Assess Candidates gladly offers semi-bespoke and fully-bespoke solutions for all our assessments. Through conversation with our team, you may choose to customize our existing assessments or build new ones from scratch specific to your role and organization. Bespoke tests are included within our ‘Corporate’ plan free of charge. For all other plans, costs are based on initial analysis of the scope of work and requirements. Please get in touch with our team to discuss.

Where in my recruitment process should I use a candidate assessment platform?

Online candidate assessment platforms and pre-employment assessments can be used throughout your recruitment process, for example, to initially sift candidates at the early recruitment stage, shortlist before interviews, and for final candidate evaluation and selection. The Assess Candidates platform is an end-to-end hiring solution with all assessment types and selection tools in one place, allowing you to streamline your recruitment process.

How should I combine pre-employment assessments effectively in my recruitment process?

To ensure effective assessment of your candidates, we recommend that you use a combination of the three principal assessment types: cognitive ability tests, behavioral competence tests, and preference tests. Selecting one or more assessment from each area will build a well-rounded picture of candidates and their skills, behaviors, and personality so you can predict their performance in your role and organization.

How do I set up my assessment campaign on the Assess Candidates platform?

The process of setting up an assessment campaign has been designed to be as quick, easy, and seamless as possible so that anyone is able to do it. You need to first fill out general information about your campaign (such as campaign name, hiring role, start and end date), before adding the desired assessments and pre-screening questions, and reviewing all information. Once your campaign is set up, invite thousands of candidates in one click to start taking the assessments.

Can I sort and filter candidates on the Assess Candidates platform?

After candidates have completed the required assessments, they will be automatically ranked based on their performance. You are able to further filter and organize your candidates according to assessments taken, completion and hiring status, confidence score, and more. This allows you to quickly view and select the top talent for your role and organization.

What anti-cheating measures do Assess Candidates offer?

Our cheat detection technology captures certain candidate behaviours during assessment such as clicking away from the test window, attempted copy and paste, and moving away from the device. It then builds an overall confidence score for each candidate, indicating how confident you can be that their results are genuine. With our anti-cheating measures, you can ensure fairness, accuracy, and integrity amongst all candidates.

How much does the Assess Candidates platform cost?

We offer three Assess Candidates plans which range in price depending on number of candidates and specific requirements. Costs of bespoke tests are based on initial assessment of the scope of work and requirements. Please see our pricing page or get in touch with our team to discuss further.

What support does Assess Candidates offer in candidate assessment?

The Assess Candidates Support team is always here to help our clients. We offer technical support included in all our plans and a dedicated Client Relationship Manager for our ‘Unlimited Use 12-months’ and ‘Corporate’ plans.

Popular Assessments For Hiring

Discover the most widely used pre-employment tools used to hire


Assess your candidates on a variety of behavioral and cognitive traits with our science-backed interactive game-based assessments.

  • First Featurevaries by game
  • First Feature3-6 minutes
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Assess candidates on their cognitive reasoning ability with a variety of psychometric tests designed to find the strongest performing candidates.

  • First Feature14+ questions
  • First Feature3-15 minutes
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Personality Questionnaire

Learn more about candidates’ personality traits and work-style preferences to predict whether they align with your role and organization.

  • First Feature90 questions
  • First Featureuntimed
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Video Interviews

Assess candidates’ competencies, skills, and experience against your hiring criteria as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • First Feature9-10 questions
  • First Feature18+ minutes
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