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Hire best-fit top talent using science-backed game-based assessments. View plans


Our Pre-employment Cognition-A™ Game:

  • Involves matching colored shapes to the correct color word, focusing on what the word says rather than its color (‘The Stroop Effect’)
  • Measures attention: correlates to how candidates might naturally quickly process and handle multiple sources of information at the same time
  • Measures technical ability
  • Modern game-based assessment offering a more engaging candidate experience
  • Designed, developed and scientifically validated by former SHL and IBM Kenexa Chartered Psychologists, Scientists and Psychometricians
  • Benchmarked scores based on large control groups for standardized and valid comparisons
  • Inclusive, fair, without bias
  • Include adjustments for disabilities
  • Include anti-cheating measures
  • User-friendly interface and easy to play with clear instructions and objectives: no prior gaming experience needed
  • Fully compliant with current industry practices


Our Cognition-A™ Game for selection offers:

1Fast and Cost-effective Hiring Process

  • Our automated Cognition-A™ Game streamlines your recruitment process
    • save time by adding the Cognition-A™ Game and inviting thousands of candidates in minutes
    • immediately access candidate results in one click
    • quickly and efficiently set threshold criteria to select best-fit candidates with the required focus and attention levels
    • reduce your workload with an easy-to-navigate game software automating administrative tasks and decreasing time-to-hire
  • Less than £1 per candidate with our most popular package for the use of ALL game-based assessments

2An engaging and positive candidate experience

  • Our colorful and fun Cognition-A™ Game is designed to:
    • sustain candidate interest and engagement throughout the hiring process
    • reduce candidate stress and anxiety
    • enhance your company image as innovative and dynamic to stand out against competition
    • attract and hire the next generation of candidates who are more familiar with technology and may find Cognition-A™ Game appealing
    • reduce application withdrawals

3Reduction of conscious and unconscious bias

  • Set flexible cut-offs to give all candidates an equal opportunity
  • Data-driven: select candidates based on tracked and analyzed data on concentration levels, not biases such as:
    • gender
    • ethnicity
    • race
    • sexual orientation
    • background
    • education
  • Measures conscious and unconscious behaviour: more suitable for neurodivergent candidates
  • Our scientifically-tested assessments ensure compliance of your company’s recruitment process and are legally defensible
  • Ensure a more diverse and inclusive workforce

Cognition-A™ Game Use Cases

Most suitable for:

  • Early-stage screening and initial evaluation, routine selection, and pre-interview shortlisting
  • High-volume recruitment and testing
  • In-person assessment
  • Proactive hiring: creation of talent pools of pre-screened candidates

Target audience:

  • Early Careers (Graduates, Interns, Apprentices)
  • Professionals (Specialists, Managers)


  • Relevant for most sectors
  • In particular: Consultancy, Accounting, Auditing, Technology, Banking, Engineering, Finance, Construction, Data Analytics, Marketing, Communications


  • Relevant for most roles, especially those which require focusing on multiple sources of information at any given time
  • Example roles: Consultant, Auditor, Accountant, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Information Officer, Communications Officer

Tips when using the
Pre-Hire Cognition-A™ Game

Get the most out of our Cognition-A™ Game-based Assessment for hiring:

  • At later stages of recruitment, accompany the Cognition-A™ Game with other candidate selection tools, such as:
    • structured job interviews
    • assessment center exercises
  • Research shows using multiple assessment methods increases the validity of results significantly
  • This ensures fully-informed, objective hiring decisions

Shortlist best-fit candidates in 3 simple steps:

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2 Assess candidates

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3 Select Candidates

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Frequently Asked Questions

For what industries can I use the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game in my hiring?

The Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ game is versatile and can be included in recruitment plans across various industries to evaluate attention. It is particularly relevant for industries which involve high concentration and attention.

How should I combine the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game-based Assessment with other hiring tools?

Assess Candidates offers end-to-end assessments you may combine together depending on the recruited role. Our portal provides various other game-based assessments as well as pre-employment psychometric tests and video interviews to paint well-rounded pictures of candidates. There is no limit to the number of different tests you can use in your campaign.

How do Assess Candidates ensure objectivity of the Cognition-A™ Game?

It is our priority to design game-based assessments free of bias. We use science and experience to create the Cognition-A™ Game which objectively assesses candidates' attention. All our game-based assessments also include functionalities for candidates who may need additional requirements and are suitable for neurodivergent candidates.

How effective is the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game-based Assessment in hiring?

Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ game-based assessment follows the same process of scientific research and validation as our traditional psychometric tests, demonstrating their effectiveness. Our game-based assessments have undergone industry-standard design procedures and rigorous scientific reviews by former SHL and IBM Kenexa chartered psychometricians to ensure they accurately predict candidates’ technical skills, behaviors, and preferences in the workplace.

Where in my recruitment process should I use the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game?

The Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ game is typically used during the early stages of the recruitment process in order to sift or screen candidates in combination with psychometric tests. The Cognition-A™ game adds further focused insight into candidates' attention to aid your decisions when shortlisting only the most qualified to invite to the next stage of recruitment. They are particularly beneficial for graduate scheme recruitment to screen high volumes of applicants.

How difficult is the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game?

The Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game does not require any prior gaming experience and includes clear instructions and objectives for candidates. The game is an interactive and engaging task designed to reduce candidate stress, anxiety and boredom during the recruitment process. The main difficulty for candidates is that game-based assessments can be a new and unknown concept.

How much does the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game-based Assessment cost?

All eight game-based assessments, including the Cognition-A™ Game, are included in all Assess Candidates plans. Please get in touch with our team to discuss pricing.

What does the Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game measure?

The Assess Candidates Cognition-A™ Game measures attention and focus. Candidates who score highly tend to naturally be able to quickly process and handle multiple sources of information at the same time in the workplace. They also perform better and stay longer.

What support does Assess Candidates offer in candidate assessment?

The Assess Candidates Support team is always here to help our clients. We offer technical support included in all our plans and a dedicated Client Relationship Manager for our ‘Unlimited Use 12-months’ and ‘Corporate’ plans.

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